Solar Power

solar-panelsWe know our customers are looking for cutting edge power products which is why we are proud to offer a variety of quality manufactured solar panels, regulators & displays.  From small to large, recreational to supplimental, we can help with all of your solar power requirements.

  • Solar Panels
    - Modular
    -12V/24V applications
    - Ranging from 12 - 120 Watts peak
  • Programmable Charge Regulators
    - 12V/24V auto-detection
    - Deep discharge protection
    - Ability to charge multiple battery banks with 1 regulator
  • Digital Displays
    - Remote display units
    - LED or LCD display units
  • Accessories
    - Overheat cell-protectors
    - Variety of fixing clips for mounting on any surface
    - Waterproof plugs and sockets
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