service technician with asphalt machinery High Potential Voltage (Hipot) Testing Custom motor-generator solution
customized Toshiba vector drive encoder motor with brake Aggregate industry equipment Connections to custom motor control center bus-work assembly Custom manufactured single to three phase converters

About L&B Electric Ltd.

Our goal is to be our customer's ideal resource for innovative products and services.

Since 1985, we have built a reputation for providing superior customer service, as well as creating timely, cost-effective solutions for industrial retrofits, drive systems and brakekits.

Our employees are a key part of our success.

With a solid background including years of industrial experience and extensive factory training, our team understands your requirements. As an employee owned company we all have a personal stake in your satisfaction.

We support what we sell.

We stock a huge inventory of drives, motors (up to 400hp in stock), transformers (to 150kVA), solid state starters (400hp), vacuum contactors (to 400A, 7.2kv in stock) and across the line starters. Our unprecedented inventory is backup up by experienced, trained service technicians that also provide applications support.

At the core of our business is a modern well equipped CSA certified service shop with state of the art equipment. We do precision balancing both on the shop floor and in the field with Schenck hard bearing and portable balancing/vibration analysis gear.

Our extensive equipment includes all digital micrometers, calipers (to 42"), bore measuring gauges, precision lathes, milling machine, temperature controlled burnout and bake ovens, paint shop, core loss and high pot testers, power washer, welders (MIG/TIG/Acetylene), solventless varnish dip tank and Samatic computerized automatic coil winding machine.

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