large wind generator
low voltage switchboard panel servicing a panel

Electrical Service and Maintenance

The long overdue move towards alternative energy is here and with that our company has come full circle.

L&B Electric has it's roots in installation and repair of wind generators and alternative energy system. Soon after that we quickly developed into a very high quality motor and industrial electrical service provider.

Our electrical service and maintenance is based on the firm foundation of preventative and predictive maintenance to control downtime loses and high reliability repairs (ideally done before the equipment fails).

Our customers trust and rely on us with their production and other critical processes. We supply state of the art predictive maintenance equipment and provide training and backup support for your maintenance personnel.

Electrical Service

  • Electrical panels and switchboards.
  • Low and medium voltage electrical equipment.
  • Generator service and repair.
  • Electronic power inverters.
  • Motor control systems.
  • Wind powered generators.
  • Photovoltaic and alternative energy systems.
  • Industrial process controllers.

Please contact us with your maintenance challenges—we want to help you stay running reliably, efficiently and safely!

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