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Complete Generator Solutions

Stand-by power generation - have we got options for you:

We offer a full range of stand by and prime power generators as well as complete automatic back up systems. Everything from small residential backup generators to large industrial 3 phase units.

For many years we've done everthing from designing/building large diesel gen-sets and reconditioning generators to supplying sophisticated automatic generator/UPS systems to keep computer network and other vital, sensitive equipment running in spite of power failures.

Our factory trained field service personnel have the unique advantage of being experts in industrial electrical and electronic systems including UPSs that give them a depth of knowledge to tackle anything the winds of fortune throw at them. We can provide you with a unique system tailored to your needs AND back you up!

Generator Solutions Products:

Baldor “Powerguard” Generators:

  • Portable gasoline powered units.
  • Enclosed residential, commercial and industrial propane units.
  • Enclosed and Open residential, commercial and industrial powered units.
  • Trailer mounted stand-by units.

Eaton Cutler Hammer:

  • Residential propane powered back up systems.
  • Control components for customized solutions.

Toshiba (add a UPS for seamless uninterrupted power):

  • UPS systems and other components for complete power solutions.

And much more...

We build many custom power backup solutions including motor-generator sets custom diesel-generator sets and more. Contact us with your application challenge today!

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