Our Toshiba Motor Lineup:

EQP3 Premuim Efficiency Motor


Toshiba’s TEFC-EQPIII is designed to meet the ever increasing need for improved energy conservation and product reliability.  Motors are built from 3/4HP through 500HP, 900RPM to 3600RPM, 230/460, 460 or 575 volt, in frame sizes from 143T through 5810U.  All Motors are cast iron IP54 protected, built to meet NEMA Premium Efficiency, and are inverter ready. Motors feature Design C torque capabilities, low temperature rises and typical vibration levels (unfiltered) of 0.08 in/sec or less. These motors carry a Three Year Warranty.

EQPIII Motor Series Brochure

EQPIII TEFC Motor Series Dimensions

EQPIII ODP Motor Series Dimensions

EQP3 840 Premuim Efficiency Mill and Chemical Motor


Toshiba’s EQPIII 840™ addresses the many special requirements of the mill, chemical, and marine industries where motor performance and reliability are at a premium. Motors are built from 3/4HP through 500HP, 3600RPM to 900RPM, 460 or 575 volt, in frame sizes from 143T through 5810U. All Motors are cast iron IP54 or IP55 protected, built to meet NEMA Premium Efficiency, and are inverter ready. Motors feature Inpro/Seal on both the DE and ODE (320 frame & larger) and typical vibration levels (unfiltered) of 0.06 in/sec or less. The 840™ is a clear choice for your toughest environments. These motors carry a Three Year Warranty.

EQPIII 840 Motor Series Brochure

EQPIII 840 Marine Duty Brochure icon-marine-small

EQPIII 840 Motor Series Dimensions

EQP3 841 Severe Duty Premuim Efficiency Motor


Toshiba’s EQPIII-841 motors are designed for the harshest environments, including marine, where premium performance and reliability are a must.  Motors are built from 3/4HP through 200HP, 3600RPM to 900RPM, 460 or 575 volt, in frame sizes from 143T through N449T. All Motors are cast iron IP55 protected, built to meet NEMA Premium Efficiency, and are inverter ready. These motors are built to meet or exceed IEEE Std 841-2001 specifications and feature Inpro/Seal on both the DE and ODE, typical vibration levels (unfiltered) of 0.04 in/sec or less, and include a test report on every motor. These motors carry a Five Year Warranty

EQPIII 841 Motor Series Brochure

EQPIII 841 Marine Duty Brochure icon-marine-small

EQPIII 841 Motor Series Dimensions

CT EPACT General Purpose Motor

CT(EPACT FC) LV General Purpose

The TEFC CT EPACT Series Motor is designed with the cost-conscious consumer in mind. These motors are built from 3/4HP through 200HP, 3600RPM to 1200RPM, 230/460 – 460 - or 575 volt, in frame sizes from 143T through 449T. All Motors are IP54 protected, built to meet US Policy Act efficiency, and are inverter capable. Motors feature cast iron construction, typical vibration levels (unfiltered) of 0.12 in/sec or less, and  encompasses Toshiba’s standard quality design while still maintaining affordable pricing. It delivers the performance and reliability the motor industry has come to expect from Toshiba, all at a very competitive price. These motors carry a Two Year Warranty.

CT EPACT Motor Series Brochure

CT EPACT Motor Series Dimensions

Toshiba Explosion Proof Motor

Explosion Proof

Toshiba Explosion Proof motors are available from 3/4HP through 200HP, 900RPM to 3600RPM, 230/460 – 460 – or 575 volt, in frame sizes 143T through 447TZ, and are suitable for use in Class I, Group D; Class II, Groups E,F & G hazardous locations. Motors feature high torque and low temperature rise design, IP55 protection, Class F insulation system, oversized bearings, non-sparking brass flinger, and oversize conduit box.

Explosion Proof Motor Series Brochure

Toshiba Quarry Duty Motor

Quarry Duty

Toshiba Quarry Duty Motors are built extra tough to handle the special stresses of quarry applications.  Motors are built from 75HP through 600HP, 900 to 1800RPM, 230/460 – 460 – or 575 volt, in frame sizes 365T through 5810UZ.  All motors are cast iron and feature high torque design, high tensile strength motor shafts, grade 8 hardware, cast iron terminal box, and an insulation system designed to handle the stresses produced during start-stop operations.

Quarry Duty Motor Series Brochure

Quarry Duty Motor Series Dimensions

Toshiba Toshwash Stainless Steel Motor

Toshwash SS

Toshiba’s Toshwash motors have been designed and built to meet the extreme demands of the food and pharmaceutical industries.  Motors are built from 1/2HP through 5HP, 1800 & 1200RPM, 230/460 & 575 volt, in frame sizes 56C through 184TC.  All motors are stainless steel in fan cooled and non-ventilated  designs and are suitable for washdown.  Motors feature low-friction, high pressure shaft seal, multiple O-ring seals, multiple drain plugs, fully encapsulated winding, and precision sealed terminal box.  The Toshiba Toshwash motor is the ideal solution for all of your washdown application needs.

Toshwash Motor Series Brochure

Toshiba Vertical Motor


Toshiba’s vertical solid shaft thrust motors are built with the petrochemical and material processing industries in mind. Motors are built from 15HP through 250HP, 1200RPM to 3600RPM, 460 or 575 volt, in normal (HP) and medium (LP) thrust designs, in frame sizes from 250LP/HP through 440LP/HP.  Motors are available in standard and premium efficiencies and are all cast iron construction. In addition, our LP design meets API 610 specifications for chemical processing applications and all motors include a patent-pending lubrication system that provides improved flow and circulation of grease and oil for longer bearing life.

Vertical Motors Brochure

Toshiba Durabull TX Medium Voltage Motor

Dura-Bull TX Medium Voltage

Toshiba's new medium voltage totally-enclosed fan-cooled motor series, the Dura-Bull TX, is designed and made in Texas and offers a multitude of features and options allowing you to customize the motor to your needs. Its rugged, total cast iron construction, high torque, high efficiency, and unique multi-mount capability make the Dura-Bull the perfect choice for tough applications where reliability and durability are essential for minimizing down time and maximizing production

Durabull TX Motor Series Brochure

Durabull TX Motor Series Dimensions

Your number one choice for motors: Toshiba motors from L&B Electric Ltd.

Dura-Bull Medium Voltage Motor custom brake blower encoder motor
  • Toshiba motors are the very best:
    reliable, premium efficiency and high performance.
  • We stock new premium cast iron motors to 400hp .
  • We stock C flanges, D flanges, heaters, thermistors and more.
  • Immediate access to large hp medium voltage motors. .
  • We provide expert 24/7 field service.
  • Free applications support—we're here to help you.
  • Motor customization.
  • Specialty motors: Metric frames, DC motors, single phase and more.
  • Medium voltage multi-frame spares.
  • 380V/50Hz rated motors.
  • Crusher duty modifications.

We also manufacture brake kits to adapt off-the-shelf EQPIII motors to accept brakes, blowers, encoders and tachometers.

Motor Life Cycle Costs (over 20 Years)

Life Cycle Cost Chart

The purchase price of a motor is the smallest part of it's total cost. You should buy the most reliable, high performance, premium efficiency motors—Toshiba motors.

Energy Consumption Facts

The savings potential on using mature, proven efficiency technologies and practices is enormous. On average, the manufacturing sector could reduce industrial motor energy use by 11-18%.

Free Energy Savings Calculator Spreadsheet

altDownload our energy savings calculator. This Excel format spreadsheet comes complete with Toshiba motor data so you can calculate your energy savings.

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