Customized Motors
DC style brake blower SCIM

The core business service of L&B Electric is motors. Most of our customers take advantage of our motor services.

We not only supply the very best motors made—but our service shop can customize them to your exact requirements.

Quickly—24/7—from stock in NS.

Pump Modified EQPIII Motor with extended shaft & D-flange

Motor Customizations Include:

EQPIII Motor with short shaft & D-flange
  • Auxilary blowers for extra cooling.
  • Special Flanges and Shafts
  • Encoders, Tachometers
  • Temperature sensors & controls
  • Brakes (see our brake-kit section)
  • Multi-frame special mounting considerations
  • Special Bearings for extreme conditions & loads
  • Precision balancing for special high speed motors
  • You tell us! Whatever your application - we are here to help you!
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