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Motor Controls

Motors and motor controls—we have the complete package (including service and support).

We have many options for you and can start, run and control most motors from fractional to large horsepower motors with equipment from our inventory. Local equipment, supplied by experts, quickly with a 'whatever it takes' attitude that puts you first.

Controls that we stock run the gamut from across the line starters to large horsepower variable frequency drives. We also stock solid state starters, vacuum contactors and electronic motor protection relays suitable for large horsepower motors (including medium voltage motors).


Our Eaton Motor Controls:

Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres

Eaton's Electrical Business currently produces two Cutler-Hammer motor control centre designs; FreedomT and IT. Each MCC type provides quality group motor control for a wide variety of applications. Freedom MCCs offer the best motor control for traditional electromechanical starter applications. The IT. motor starter brings the highest levels of safety, compact size and intelligence to the electromechanical motor starter industry. IT. MCC's feature 24 Volt DC based motor control and the industry's most space efficient packaged control designs. IT. MCC's are specifically designed to maximize customer uptime, process power quality and reliability. IT. MCC's make installation and maintenance easier than ever before thanks to space efficiency and plug and play connections in each starter unit. Each MCC model utilizes the same industrial heavy-duty structure and bus designs.

  • CSA Label
  • 65,000 AIC Ratings
  • Series C Circuit Breakers
  • 3200A Maximum Horizontal Bus
  • Labyrinth Barrier System for Bus
  • Pull Apart Latching Terminal Blocks
  • Unit Grounding Clip / Plug in Vertical Ground Bus
  • Front Only or Front and Rear Unit Mounting
  • Solid-State Motor Control

Motor Control Centres (MCC) provide the best method for grouping motor control, associated control and distribution equipment. The Freedom and IT. Control Centres are specially designed to operate machinery, industrial processes and commercial building systems.

The MCC enclosure consists of a strong and rigid steel channel frame-work assembled into standardized vertical sections and bolted together to form a complete shipping section of up to 80-inch maximum, four structures each. Structures include horizontal and vertical bus, insulation and isolation barriers, horizontal and vertical isolated wiring troughs, cable entrance areas and space for inserting starter and control equipment.

Reduced Voltage Solid State Starters

Eaton Reduced Voltage Solid-State Starters

Eaton's Electrical Business offers some of the most innovative soft starting solutions in the industry. Whether it's a new installation or a retrofit, we have the answer.

The Intelligent Technologies (IT) Line of Reduced Voltage Soft Starters is very compact, multi-functional, easy to install, and easy to program. Designed to control acceleration and deceleration of 3-phase motors, the line is available for current ranges from 12 amp all the way through 1000 amp applications and is suitable for mounting in motor control centers or in enclosed control (NEMA 1, 4, 4 X, and 12) applications. The Intelligent Technology IT. Line of Reduced Voltage Soft Starters includes the S811, and the S801 soft starters - each comes standard with a control interface module.

Eaton IT S801 Solid State Soft Starter Manual

Eaton IT S811 Solid State Soft Starter Manual

Eaton Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Eaton offers a full line of 24V dc power supplies in the PSS, PSG and ELC series. Eaton also has the EZ Power product line, which provides low amperage solutions for 12 and 24 Vdc applications requiring a shallow panel depth or the look of the EZ Relay. Lastly, Eaton offers specialized 27V dc power supplies for the material handling industry as part of the Sensors product line with the PG series.


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Eaton EZ Intelligent Relay Series

EZ Intelligent Relays

The EZ intelligent relays bring timers, relays, inputs and outputs into one compact device that is easily configured. The EZ family of products provides exceptional levels of flexibility together with substantial savings in commissioning time and effort.

The EZ intelligent relays are available in 32 different styles that support from 12 I/O up to 320 I/O points providing the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, watering, pump control, HVAC and home automation.

Once EZ products are installed, changes are easily accomplished through front panel programming eliminating the need to change wiring and wiring diagrams increasing the savings realized.

EZ Intelligent Relay Product Guide

Eaton XT IEC Contactors & Starters

XT IEC Contactors & Starters

Because XT meets IEC, UL, CSA, CCC and CE standards, it is the perfect product solution for applications all over the world. Including non-reversing and reversing contactors and starters as well as overload relays and accessories, XT brings IEC Power Control to a whole new level.

The spacesaving and easy-to-install XT line of IEC contactors and starters is the efficient and effective solution for customer applications from 7–2000A. Enclosed control options include metallic and non-metallic enclosures with circuit breakers or North American or European fuses.

XT IEC Contactors & Starters Product Guide

Pushbuttons & Selectors

M22 IEC 22mm Pilot Switches and Buttons

M22 IEC 22MM

The new M22 Pushbutton line includes a core group of pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, mushroom operators and E-Stops, as well as new and unique products such as palm switches, four-way buttons, buzzers and communicating devices.

Featuring a tactile and ergonomic design, the M22 product line also includes LED indicator lights that achieve high illumination efficiency. The LEDs are vibration proof and can function for 100,000 hours, and provide safe, reliable, ultra-bright and economical lighting. Standard pushbuttons and contact blocks have a mechanical life of over five million operations

M22 Product Overview Flyer

E34 Corrosion Resistant Pushbutton

E34 Corrosion Resistant Pushbutton

The E34 pushbutton utilizes the same construction as the 10250T heavy-duty oiltight pushbuttons. The operators are identical in appearance save for the E34's special thermoset cathodic epoxy coating. The coating gives the E34 its unique flat black appearance which differentiates it from the chrome plating of the 10250T line. All operators are rated 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, and 13 and meet IEC 947-1 IP66 standards. The cathodic coating also meets FDA 3A sanitary chemical resistance requirements.

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